Reviews matter!

Reviews matter!

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This is what being an Author really means to me - knowing that my books have helped other people and that someone in the world is better off because I shared my experience, ideas and knowledge. Far more than anything else, that makes my whole experience worthwhile and valuable.

Shared By Mary Turner Thomson

There are lots of reasons to become an author – and lots of reasons to write. Sometimes it is for fun, sometimes it’s to show ourselves as the expert in a subject, sometimes to make money, but more often I think it is a way of getting the stories in our heads out and onto paper. In my case it was all about making sense of what happened to me, to stand up and be counted and to help others who had been through something similar. 

No matter what the reason, it is the reviews that we get that allow us to see if we have achieved our original aim. They give us feedback and insight into how others see our books - and what they get from them. The reviews (good and bad) bump our books up the charts and tell other readers what to expect - giving credibility. What is more, the number of reviews tells readers how many people have been truly impacted by our words (good or bad) and the text tells us what they think. 

Sometimes you have to have a thick skin when reading reviews from people who really didn’t like your book – and yes I do get 1-star reviews sometimes (usually from die-hard supporters of a former president).

Not every book will be every person’s cup of tea! 

Then there are the people who write reviews saying that your book has changed them somehow, or made them look at themselves in a new light. Those reviews make everything worthwhile for me. Occasionally there is a review that stays with you and makes you feel that if no-one else ever read your book that it is okay – because your job has been done. This is one such review for me (see below).

*****Really helps you understand

My daughter has just come out of a relationship that nearly broke her this book has helped me support her with the knowledge I've learnt from reading your book on psychopaths, she doesn't feel so silly about being totally controlled by him. I wish you all the best for the future Mary.

A good book will change how you see the world. A GREAT book will change how you see yourself.

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