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Whisperers Testimonies

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We already know just how exciting being part of The Book Whisperers really is, but if you still need convincing check out the testimonies below from the Whisperers who have been with us from the very start!

Shared By Yasmin Neal

We already know just how exciting being part of The Book Whisperers really is, but if you still need convincing check out the testimonies below from the Whisperers who have been with us from the very start!

The best writing course that I've ever done!' - Ali Leach

'The Book Whisperers are bringing something truly special to Midlothian this summer with their Wonderland Story and Book Festival. Bringing an event like Wonderland to Midlothian is of huge benefits to locals, giving free access to books, learning, adventure, and fun for young children and creating an accessible children's book festival. Their engaging, interactive storytelling, complete with community input, showcases the sights, sounds, and surprises Midlothian has to offer.

The dedication, drive and enthusiasm of the entire Book Whisperers team is infectious, and it has been a please supporting this social enterprise on their journey. Seeing the digital platform and event come to life has been fantastic and we are delighted that the business support, connections and advice from Business Gateway Midlothian and Midlothian Economic Development has played a part in this enterprise's evolution' - Robbie Broomfield, Business Advisor, Business Gateway Midlothian

'Living alone during lockdown I found the connection to like-minded people invaluable, and the encouragement when I posted something I had written both helpful and supportive' - Jules Drake

‘When my husband passed in 2016, I was bereft and lose my muse. Suddenly having to live alone was overwhelming. Up until then I had always written and scribbled everything from poems to short stories and educational resources; even having a book published by Lutterworth Press.

 The sudden impact of the hilarious weekly online chats between Mary, Lea and Susan were invaluable and encouraged me to start to put myself together again. I began by rejigging the only piece of writing my husband ever had any input into. Thus, Wert the Messenger was born.

 Then the lockdown anthology Stir Crazy accepted nine – nine! – of my offerings. I was amazed.

 Newly encouraged JarneySixpence wandered into my mind demanding that I tell her story, and this was accepted by Scaramouche Press. Wow!! Winnie of the Dell hit the shelves in September 2021.

Thank you for all the encouragement, laughs, and most of all your company The Book Whisperers. I owe you' - Kate Trought

'I love the encouragement and enthusiasm. I feel like I'm part of something' - John Bronwen

'The Book Whisperers was really something to look forward to during the black hole of lockdown. Three inspiring writers, with a wacky sense of humour, on a mission to network, educate, support, and encourage writers to write and have fun along the way. And boy, we sure as hell did! Mission accomplished in every way!' - Lesley O'Brien

'Being part of The Book Whisperers kickstarted my writing and gives me a safe space to continue to explore that as well as meet other writers. It has humour and depth and a spirit of generosity and sharing. Hugely grateful to be part of this group' - Wendy Woolfson

'The Book Whisperers is a wonderful family of lovely, supportive, like-minded, creative individuals. The weekly live sessions with Mary, Lea & Susan were a lifeline during the lockdowns. Their hilarity, generosity of time, talent & spirit gave us all the confidence to fulfil dreams, push boundaries & try something new. I have made friends and love being part of the family, even when life takes over and writing time is scarce!' - May Halyburton

'Nothing but praise for the 3 of you! Giving your time, effort, encouragement, support, humour, and push to help folk take that step, gain confidence, share that talent and put it out there. What a gift! Thank you' - Margery Bambrick

'Lea, Susan and Mary share their passion for writing. Their gift of time and how to can do suggestions are inspiring' - Liza Miles

'The course has inspired me to pick up my pen again and launch my witterings on an unsuspecting but extremely captive audience. Raise high the vino glasses, Whisperers!' - Malcolm Milne

'Unfortunately I haven't been able to see you 'live' on a Monday night, as it clashes with a zoom meeting for a show I'm going to be in later this year. However, I am really enjoying watching you 'sessions' the next day. I did have a few writing projects that I needed to do at this point in time and I'm on the way to realises those (a monologue for performance, hopefully in the autumn and an article for a magazine about my kokeshi collection) but I have also been inspired to write in other genres like poetry and memoir and note down ideas for characters and short skits that I wanted to develop' - Beverley Webster

'The course greatly unfurls revealing each of the weekly milestones amid a backdrop of fun, laughter, inspiration and invaluable insight. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter, frivolity and mischief to Monday evenings' - Betsy Anderson

'I have loved the enthusiasm, the encouragement, the support, and the energy you all put into Stir Crazy at a time folk needed something. It has helped me see I am more than able to bring a book together or a blog and to trust in my ability! I also have loved the laughs, loved the chats and loved the page and still enjoying popping on to see another person's latest creation. Thank you Mary, Lea and Susan for being the amazing folk you are. You inspire folk to take those steps and believe in themselves' - Margery Bambrick

'The Book Whisperers have seen me have my first ever piece of writing published. It has also enabled me to connect with a community of like-minded people who offer constructive criticism and encouragement' - Katerina Dufkova

'A very impressive service!' - Christine Tait

'I love the community spirit and finally feeling as though I'm wanted' - Kaisha Jayne

'When In among other writers of whichever ilk..it is just nice' - Caroline Mackie

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