Marketing Magic: Christmas Advent Calendar

Marketing Magic: Christmas Advent Calendar

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Are you in need of some free marketing magic this Christmas?

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This December The Book Whisperers are launching their very own digital advent calendar, with YOU, our wonderful author/professional members as the secret surprise behind the door, (way better than some chocolate if you ask us).

In recognition of all your love and support in 2022, we are giving you the gift that all authors want: FREE high-quality marketing! Santa really has come through this year, cost of living crisis and all! Our marketing will include being featured on our platform, being shared across our social media channels, and being added to our Christmas Gift Guide! 

To secure your spot in our calendar, simply reply to this email with a yes and we will dedicate one of our advent doors exclusively to you and your work! If you have a preferred date in mind, please do let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

In summary free marketing = increased likelihood of sales meaning the less time you need to spend on your own marketing as we’ve got you covered. So, in short, open that box of chocolate, pour a glass of that wine you’ve been saving, and enjoy some well-deserved free time!

It’s hard being an author AND needing to market your work on top – let us take the strain this December.

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